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Courses We Offer

nurse assisting senior woman in taking her medicine

Nursing Assistant

Aiming to become a professional nursing assistant? JJST can equip you with the right skills to become one. Check out our course.

nurse and senior man looking at each other

Home Health Aide

Becoming a licensed home health aide is now a possibility when you enroll in JJST’s HHA course. Prepare for your career with us!

instructor teaching cpr

CPR / First Aide

Being prepared is always a great quality a healthcare professional must have. To ensure that you can help save lives anytime, enroll in our CPR classes today!

adult woman taking care of a child

Mental Health Aide

Taking care of the mind is just as important as taking care of our bodies. Ensure that your clients and patients remain mentally healthy by taking part in our mental health aide course today!

nurses smiling

American Red Cross Association

JJST makes sure to adhere to the American Red Cross Association’s policies and regulations for our healthcare students and soon-to-be professionals. Check out their website here.

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Each one of us has unique skills and passions that can help other people in need. To put these skills into good use, kindly check out JJST’s other training programs.

Welcome to JJ School of Technology A TNyumah Family Of Companies

Healthcare Training in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

JJST welcomes you and we are honored to introduce you to all we have to offer. By joining the JJ School of Technology family, the most flexible and convenient CNA School in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, you become part of a network of professionals who are committed to your success. Accelerate your nursing career with our flexible plan/schedule or we can also prepare you for the workforce as quickly as one month.

Our Commitment Our Mission Statement

JJ School of Technology sets realistic learning patterns to unlock the potential of the learner through these activities: unit assignments, oral test, followed by formal unit test, practical performance (skills), and clinical evaluation. We strongly believe that when the ideas in these units are systematically exploited, they help the learner improve human condition and promote higher quality of life in health care settings.



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