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Do Grades Really Matter? Why or Why Not?

Do Grades Really Matter? Why or Why Not?

Schools and other learning institutions prepare future professionals to succeed in their dream roles. For example, your CNA school in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, helps you build the necessary skill and knowledge to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Just like any other school, your CNA training in Minneapolis deploys different ways to measure the students’ learning, and the most common measure is through grades. In nursing school, grades are important but one should remember that grades alone are not enough.

Grades matter because it gives you feedback on how well you are performing. A school’s grading system is an attempt to provide an objective measure of performance. Without grades, one could not tell how they have performed on a certain skill. When we do not know how to measure, we cannot manage our efforts more effectively. A score gives feedback on where one is good at or which parts need more studying or learning.

However, grades should not be used as the sole indicator of success or performance at work. When students receive a poor grade, they should not think of themselves as a failure but rather focus on the mistake as part of the learning process. For employers, grades only mean a certain portion of the candidate. Grades together with actual work and character references provide a more detailed picture of the person.

Grades remain relevant but should be used as references along with other information. During your nursing assistant training, learn as much as you can with grades as your feedback.

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