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Navigating Through Panic Attacks: Here is How

avigating Through Panic Attacks: Here is How

Without any warning or obvious cause, panic attacks can unexpectedly happen to anyone. At some point in life, most of us have experienced a panic attack. Although anyone can experience it, family history, mental health issues, and substance abuse problems increase the risk of panic attacks. As a CNA School in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, part of the courses offered includes mental health first aid to address potential mental health crises like panic attacks.

During an attack, several common symptoms will show, like trembling and shaking, palpitations, pounding heart or rapid heart rate, sweating, and shortness of breath. These symptoms sometimes resemble those of a heart or anxiety attack. Thus taking training courses along with the nursing assistant training at JJ School of Technology can help determine and differentiate panic attacks from other conditions. It is a 12-hour curriculum that tackles how to address when you yourself or someone around is experiencing an attack, especially for panic attacks in public, which can be a completely different scenario.

Learning techniques and guidelines on how to navigate attacks, if and when it happens can be attained with healthcare training in Minnesota. Here are a few mental health first aid for panic attacks.

  • Before assisting someone, assess the risk of suicide or harm first – ask if they know what is happening and whether they have ever experienced a panic attack in the past.
  • Listen to the person having an attack in an empathetic manner to encourage them to speak openly and honestly about the condition
  • Help the person stay calm by validating their feelings and assuring them that the attack will be over soon.
  • When the panic attack is over, encourage appropriate professional help, self-help, and other support strategies.

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