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Responsibilities in Performing Mental Health First Aid

Responsibilities in Performing Mental Health First Aid

We have finally arrived in the period where mental health awareness is slowly being pushed on the frontline of the medical field. Other than the extensive Nursing Assistant Training, we also offer Mental Health First Aid training here at JJ School of Technology. This Healthcare Training in Minnesota is a proactive approach to looking after individuals who have a history of mental health problems.

The roles you should expect in your CNA Training in Minneapolis include the following:

  • Assess Potential Risk

    One of the direst potential risks in your field would be suicide or self-harm. You need to have a keen sense of awareness in spotting early signs. People who tend to do self-harm or suicide often threaten to kill themselves or talk about it. They would seek out different ways to do it, and in most cases, they would do it without anyone knowing. Some of them would start being a recluse even from the company of family and friends.

  • Listen with empathy

    Everyone can listen, but not everyone can be a good listener. Always practice empathy, and do not impose any advice. Ask if the person wants a piece of advice or to be simply listened to. Make sure that you don’t appear bored by displaying interest even in a non-verbal language like leaning forward or nodding occasionally.

  • Validate their feelings

    They already carry a heavy burden as it is; the last thing they want is someone telling them that their problem is smaller than how they project it. Provide reassurance that it is not their fault and show your support by acknowledging their emotions.

  • Fulfilling your goal could be only one call away. Don’t miss the opportunity here at CNA School in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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