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The Road to Becoming a Nursing Assistant


A career as a nursing assistant is always free for everyone. The passion to take care of patients and give assistance to them is the driving force that helps them decide to take the path.

However, to be a nursing assistant, one must study and undergo nursing assistant training programs before practicing in healthcare facilities.

Our healthcare training in Minnesota provides training programs for those who want to take the call of being a nursing assistant.

As a CNA school in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, we are delighted to describe the process students undergo before being certified to practice in healthcare facilities.

In the beginning, the students must participate in a series of courses. The training program’s hours depend on the school. The program is divided into classes: one for lectures and the other for clinical practice.

Once the students complete our CNA training in Minneapolis, they proceed to graduation. Successfully finishing the program is not the finish line. To be certified, they must take the state competency exam. Once passed, they may be eligible for employment.

The journey to becoming a certified nursing assistant is a long road. However, we at JJ School of Technology make sure that students receive a quality education. We make certain that they are ready for work and employment.

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